pymatgen.util.io_utils module

This module provides utility classes for io operations.

clean_lines(string_list, remove_empty_lines=True)[source]

Strips whitespace, carriage returns and empty lines from a list of strings.

  • string_list – List of strings

  • remove_empty_lines – Set to True to skip lines which are empty after stripping.


List of clean strings with no whitespaces.

micro_pyawk(filename, search, results=None, debug=None, postdebug=None)[source]

Small awk-mimicking search routine.

‘file’ is file to search through. ‘search’ is the “search program”, a list of lists/tuples with 3 elements; i.e. [[regex,test,run],[regex,test,run],…] ‘results’ is a an object that your search program will have access to for storing results.

Here regex is either as a Regex object, or a string that we compile into a Regex. test and run are callable objects.

This function goes through each line in filename, and if regex matches that line and test(results,line)==True (or test is None) we execute run(results,match),where match is the match object from running Regex.match.

The default results is an empty dictionary. Passing a results object let you interact with it in run() and test(). Hence, in many occasions it is thus clever to use results=self.

Author: Rickard Armiento, Ioannis Petousis