Source code for pymatgen.vis.structure_chemview

Visualization for structures using chemview.

import numpy as np
from pymatgen.symmetry.analyzer import SpacegroupAnalyzer
from pymatgen.analysis.molecule_structure_comparator import CovalentRadius
from import requires

    from chemview import MolecularViewer
    from chemview.utils import get_atom_color

    chemview_loaded = True
except ImportError:
    chemview_loaded = False

[docs]@requires(chemview_loaded, "To use quick_view, you need to have chemview installed.") def quick_view(structure, bonds=True, conventional=False, transform=None, show_box=True, bond_tol=0.2, stick_radius=0.1): """ A function to visualize pymatgen Structure objects in jupyter notebook using chemview package. Args: structure: pymatgen Structure bonds: (bool) visualize bonds. Bonds are found by comparing distances to added covalent radii of pairs. Defaults to True. conventional: (bool) use conventional cell. Defaults to False. transform: (list) can be used to make supercells with pymatgen.Structure.make_supercell method show_box: (bool) unit cell is shown. Defaults to True. bond_tol: (float) used if bonds=True. Sets the extra distance tolerance when finding bonds. stick_radius: (float) radius of bonds. Returns: A chemview.MolecularViewer object """ s = structure.copy() if conventional: s = SpacegroupAnalyzer(s).get_conventional_standard_structure() if transform: s.make_supercell(transform) atom_types = [i.symbol for i in s.species] if bonds: bonds = [] for i in range(s.num_sites - 1): sym_i = s[i].specie.symbol for j in range(i + 1, s.num_sites): sym_j = s[j].specie.symbol max_d = CovalentRadius.radius[sym_i] + CovalentRadius.radius[sym_j] + bond_tol if s.get_distance(i, j, np.array([0, 0, 0])) < max_d: bonds.append((i, j)) bonds = bonds if bonds else None mv = MolecularViewer(s.cart_coords, topology={'atom_types': atom_types, 'bonds': bonds}) if bonds: mv.ball_and_sticks(stick_radius=stick_radius) for i in s.sites: el = i.specie.symbol coord = i.coords r = CovalentRadius.radius[el] mv.add_representation('spheres', {'coordinates': coord.astype('float32'), 'colors': [get_atom_color(el)], 'radii': [r * 0.5], 'opacity': 1.0}) if show_box: o = np.array([0, 0, 0]) a, b, c = s.lattice.matrix[0], s.lattice.matrix[1], s.lattice.matrix[2] starts = [o, o, o, a, a, b, b, c, c, a + b, a + c, b + c] ends = [a, b, c, a + b, a + c, b + a, b + c, c + a, c + b, a + b + c, a + b + c, a + b + c] colors = [0xffffff for i in range(12)] mv.add_representation('lines', {'startCoords': np.array(starts), 'endCoords': np.array(ends), 'startColors': colors, 'endColors': colors}) return mv