Source code for pymatgen.cli.pmg_structure

#!/usr/bin/env python
# coding: utf-8
# Copyright (c) Pymatgen Development Team.
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT License.

Implementation for `pmg structure` CLI.

import sys

from tabulate import tabulate

from pymatgen import Structure

from pymatgen.symmetry.analyzer import SpacegroupAnalyzer
from pymatgen.analysis.structure_matcher import StructureMatcher, \

__author__ = "Shyue Ping Ong"
__copyright__ = "Copyright 2012, The Materials Project"
__version__ = "4.0"
__maintainer__ = "Shyue Ping Ong"
__email__ = ""
__date__ = "Aug 13 2016"

[docs]def convert_fmt(args): """ Convert files from one format to another Args: args (dict): Args from argparse. """ if len(args.filenames) != 2: print("File format conversion takes in only two filenames.") s = Structure.from_file(args.filenames[0], primitive="prim" in args.filenames[1].lower())[1])
[docs]def analyze_symmetry(args): """ Analyze symmetry of structures in files. Args: args (dict): Args from argparse. """ tolerance = args.symmetry t = [] for filename in args.filenames: s = Structure.from_file(filename, primitive=False) finder = SpacegroupAnalyzer(s, tolerance) dataset = finder.get_symmetry_dataset() t.append([filename, dataset["international"], dataset["number"], dataset["hall"]]) print(tabulate(t, headers=["Filename", "Int Symbol", "Int number", "Hall"]))
[docs]def analyze_localenv(args): """ Analyze local env of structures in files. Args: args (dict): Args for argparse. """ bonds = {} for bond in args.localenv: toks = bond.split("=") species = toks[0].split("-") bonds[(species[0], species[1])] = float(toks[1]) for filename in args.filenames: print("Analyzing %s..." % filename) data = [] s = Structure.from_file(filename) for i, site in enumerate(s): for species, dist in bonds.items(): if species[0] in [sp.symbol for sp in site.species.keys()]: dists = [d for nn, d in s.get_neighbors(site, dist) if species[1] in [sp.symbol for sp in nn.species.keys()]] dists = ", ".join(["%.3f" % d for d in sorted(dists)]) data.append([i, species[0], species[1], dists]) print(tabulate(data, headers=["#", "Center", "Ligand", "Dists"]))
[docs]def compare_structures(args): """ Compare structures in files for similarity using structure matcher. Args: args (dict): Args from argparse. """ filenames = args.filenames if len(filenames) < 2: print("You need more than one structure to compare!") sys.exit(-1) try: structures = [Structure.from_file(fn) for fn in filenames] except Exception as ex: print("Error converting file. Are they in the right format?") print(str(ex)) sys.exit(-1) m = StructureMatcher() if == "species" \ else StructureMatcher(comparator=ElementComparator()) for i, grp in enumerate(m.group_structures(structures)): print("Group {}: ".format(i)) for s in grp: print("- {} ({})".format(filenames[structures.index(s)], s.formula)) print()
[docs]def analyze_structures(args): """ Master function to handle which operation to perform. Args: args (dict): Args from argparse. """ if args.convert: convert_fmt(args) elif args.symmetry: analyze_symmetry(args) elif compare_structures(args) elif args.localenv: analyze_localenv(args)