class BSEOutput(filename)[source]

Bases: object

A bse output file parser. The start…

All energies are in eV.

Parameters:filename – Filename to read.
class Basis_set_reader(filename)[source]

Bases: object

A basis set reader. :param filename: Filename to read. :param Basis set are stored in data as a dict: :key l_zeta_ng for each nl orbitals which contain list of tuple (alpha, coef) for each of the ng gaussians in l_zeta orbital


infos on the basis set as in Fiesta log

Returns:the number of nlm orbitals for the basis set
class FiestaInput(mol, correlation_grid={‘dE_grid’: ‘0.500’, ’n_grid’: ‘14’}, Exc_DFT_option={‘rdVxcpsi’: ‘1’}, COHSEX_options={‘eigMethod’: ‘C’, ’mix_cohsex’: ‘0.500’, ’nc_cohsex’: ‘0’, ’nit_cohsex’: ‘0’, ’nv_cohsex’: ‘0’, ’resMethod’: ‘V’, ’scf_cohsex_wf’: ‘0’}, GW_options={‘nc_corr’: ‘10’, ’nit_gw’: ‘3’, ’nv_corr’: ‘10’}, BSE_TDDFT_options={‘do_bse’: ‘1’, ’do_tddft’: ‘0’, ’nc_bse’: ‘382’, ’nit_bse’: ‘50’, ’npsi_bse’: ‘1’, ’nv_bse’: ‘21’})[source]

Bases: monty.json.MSONable

Input File for Fiesta called “” by default (mandatory in Fiesta for now)

  • mol – pymatgen mol
  • correlation_grid – dict
  • Exc_DFT_option – dict
  • COHSEX_options – dict
  • GW_options – dict
  • BSE_TDDFT_options – dict
Parameters:BSE_dump – boolean
Returns:set the “do_bse” variable to one in
Parameters:TDDFT_dump – boolen
Returns:set the do_tddft variable to one in
classmethod from_dict(d)[source]
classmethod from_file(filename)[source]

Read an Fiesta input from a file. Currently tested to work with files generated from this class itself.

Parameters:filename – Filename to parse.
Returns:FiestaInput object
classmethod from_string(string_input)[source]

Read an FiestaInput from a string. Currently tested to work with files generated from this class itself.

Parameters:string_input – string_input to parse.
Returns:FiestaInput object

Returns infos on initial parameters as in the log file of Fiesta


mkdir “FULL_BSE_Densities” folder (needed for bse run) in the desired folder


Returns molecule associated with this FiestaInput.

set_BSE_options(n_excitations=10, nit_bse=200)[source]

Set parameters in for a BSE computation :param nv_bse: number of valence bands :param nc_bse: number of conduction bands :param n_excitations: number of excitations :param nit_bse: number of iterations

set_GW_options(nv_band=10, nc_band=10, n_iteration=5, n_grid=6, dE_grid=0.5)[source]

Set parameters in for a GW computation :param nv__band: number of valence bands to correct with GW :param nc_band: number of conduction bands to correct with GW :param n_iteration: number of iteration :param n_grid and dE_grid:: number of points and spacing in eV for correlation grid

set_auxiliary_basis_set(folder, auxiliary_folder, auxiliary_basis_set_type=’aug_cc_pvtz’)[source]

copy in the desired folder the needed auxiliary basis set “X2.ion” where X is a specie. :param auxiliary_folder: folder where the auxiliary basis sets are stored :param auxiliary_basis_set_type: type of basis set (string to be found in the extension of the file name; must be in lower case)

ex: C2.ion_aug_cc_pvtz_RI_Weigend find “aug_cc_pvtz”
class FiestaOutput(filename)[source]

Bases: object

A Fiesta output file parser.

All energies are in eV.

Parameters:filename – Filename to read.
class Fiesta_run(folder=’/Users/shyue/repos/pymatgen/docs_rst’, grid=[2, 2, 2], log_file=’log’)[source]

Bases: monty.json.MSONable

To run FIESTA inside python:
if grid is [x,x] then bse runs if grid is [x,x,y] the fiesta(gw) runs otherwise it breaks

folder: logfile: logfile of Fiesta


Performs BSE run

classmethod from_dict(d)[source]

Performs FIESTA (gw) run

class Nwchem2Fiesta(folder, filename=’nwchem’, log_file=’log_n2f’)[source]

Bases: monty.json.MSONable

To run NWCHEM2FIESTA inside python:

If nwchem.nw is the input, nwchem.out the output, and structure.movecs the “movecs” file, the syntax to run NWCHEM2FIESTA is: NWCHEM2FIESTA nwchem.nw nwchem.nwout structure.movecs > log_n2f

folder: where are stored the nwchem filename: name of nwchem files read by NWCHEM2FIESTA (filename.nw, filename.nwout and filename.movecs) logfile: logfile of NWCHEM2FIESTA

the run method launchs NWCHEM2FIESTA

classmethod from_dict(d)[source]

Performs actual NWCHEM2FIESTA run