Error handlers for errors originating from the Submission systems.

class SchedulerErrorHandler(scheduler_adapter, application_adapter=None, err_file='queue.err', out_file='queue.out', run_err_file='run.err', batch_err_file='batch.err')[source]

Bases: custodian.custodian.ErrorHandler

Custodian error handler for scheduler related errors

scheduler_adapter takes the scheduler, it should at least provide a .name attribute indentifying the scheduler, currently ‘slurm’ is supported. If the scheduler adapter also provides the methods defined in CorrectorProtocolScheduler, problems can also be fixed by .apply_corrections. If a application_adapter is also provided and it provides the methods defined in CorrectorProtocolApplication problems can also be fixed a the level of the application, e.g. making the application require less memory.


Method to directly apply the corrections.


Check for the defined errors, put all found errors in self.errors, return True if any were found False if no errors were found


For custodian compatibility