Mock objects for unit tests.

class AbinitTaskMockedStart(input, workdir=None, manager=None, deps=None)[source]


A Task whose status is always self.mocked_status.

  • inputAbinitInput object.
  • workdir – Path to the working directory.
  • managerTaskManager object.
  • deps – Dictionary specifying the dependency of this node. None means that this Task has no dependency.
class InfiniteFlow(workdir, manager=None, pickle_protocol=-1, remove=False)[source]


A Flow that will never reach all_ok

  • workdir – String specifying the directory where the works will be produced. if workdir is None, the initialization of the working directory is performed by flow.allocate(workdir).
  • managerTaskManager object responsible for the submission of the jobs. If manager is None, the object is initialized from the yaml file located either in the working directory or in the user configuration dir.
  • pickle_protocol – Pickle protocol version used for saving the status of the object. -1 denotes the latest version supported by the python interpreter.
  • remove – attempt to remove working directory workdir if directory already exists.
change_task_start(task, mocked_status='Error')[source]

Return a AbinitTaskMockedStart object.


Return an InfiniteFlow.