pymatgen.analysis.excitation module

class ExcitationSpectrum(x, y)[source]

Bases: pymatgen.core.spectrum.Spectrum

Basic excitation spectrum object.

  • x – A sequence of x-ray energies in eV

  • y – A sequence of intensity values

Args: x (ndarray): A ndarray of N values. y (ndarray): A ndarray of N x k values. The first dimension must be

the same as that of x. Each of the k values are interpreted as

*args: All subclasses should provide args other than x and y

when calling super, e.g., super().__init__( x, y, arg1, arg2, kwarg1=val1, ..). This guarantees the +, -, *, etc. operators work properly.

**kwargs: Same as that for *args.

XLABEL = 'Energy (eV)'
YLABEL = 'Intensity'