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# coding: utf-8
# Copyright (c) Pymatgen Development Team.
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT License.

from __future__ import division, print_function, unicode_literals, absolute_import

This module defines classes that set the force field parameters for the bonds,
angles and dihedrals.

import six
import ruamel.yaml as yaml
from collections import defaultdict

from monty.json import MSONable

__author__ = 'Kiran Mathew'
__email__ = ''
__credits__ = 'Brandon Wood, Rishi Gurnani'

[docs]class ForceField(MSONable): """ Stores force field information. Args: atoms (Dict): store atomic mass for each atom name. { "custom atom name": atom name, ... } bonds (Dict): store the bond distance and spring constant for each bond. { ("atom name1", "atom name2"): [spring const, distance], ... } angles (Dict): store the bond angle and spring constant. { ("atom name1", "atom name2", "atom name3"): [spring const, angle], ... } dihedrals (Dict): store dihedral paramters. { ("atom name1", "atom name2", "atom name3", "atom name4"): [val1, val2, ...], ... } imdihedrals (Dict): store improper dihedral information. Similar to dihedrals. pairs (Dict): store pair coefficient info. { ("atom name1", "atom name2"): [val1, val2, ..], ... } """ def __init__(self, atoms, bonds, angles, dihedrals=None, imdihedrals=None, pairs=None): self.atoms = atoms self.bonds = bonds self.angles = angles self.dihedrals = dihedrals self.imdihedrals = imdihedrals self.pairs = pairs
[docs] @staticmethod def from_file(filename): """ Read in forcefield parameters from yaml file and return Forcefield object. Basically read in atom name mappings(key='Atoms'), bond coefficients(key='Bond Coeffs'), angle coefficients(key='Angle Coeffs'), pair coefficients(key='Pair Coeffs'), dihedral coefficients(key='Dihedral Coeffs') and the improper dihedral coefficients(key='Improper Coeffs'). Args: filename (string) Returns: ForceField object """ with open(filename, 'r') as f: d = yaml.safe_load(f) ff_data = defaultdict(dict) for coeff_key, coeff in d.items(): for k, v in coeff.items(): tokens = k.split("-") key = tuple(tokens) if len(tokens) > 1 else k ff_data[coeff_key][key] = v pairs = ff_data.get("Pair Coeffs", None) if pairs: if len(ff_data["Atoms"]) != len(pairs): raise ValueError("Number of pairs coefficient parmaters > " "the number of atome types. Parameters i != j " "pairs cannot be set in the data file") return ForceField(ff_data["Atoms"], ff_data["Bond Coeffs"], ff_data["Angle Coeffs"], dihedrals=ff_data.get("Dihedral Coeffs", None), imdihedrals=ff_data.get("Improper Coeffs", None), pairs=pairs)
[docs] def as_dict(self): d = MSONable.as_dict(self) d1 = {} for k, v in d.items(): if not k.startswith("@"): if v: d1[k] = {} for k1, v1 in list(v.items()): if isinstance(k1, tuple): d1[k]["--".join(k1)] = v1 else: d1[k][k1] = v1 else: d1[k] = v else: d1[k] = v return d1
[docs] @classmethod def from_dict(cls, d): d1 = {} delimiter = "--" for k, v in d.items(): if not k.startswith("@"): if v: d1[k] = {} for k1, v1 in list(v.items()): if isinstance(k1, six.string_types) and delimiter in k1: d1[k][tuple(k1.split(delimiter))] = v1 else: d1[k][k1] = v1 else: d1[k] = v return cls(**d1)